Win a collaboration with GSK and accelerate your early-stage research

The Discovery Fast Track Challenge is your opportunity to win a collaboration with GSK for the development of new medicines from your innovative ideas. This program is designed to encourage collaboration between academia and GSK during initial drug discovery phases. You supply the concept, we supply the drug discovery expertise and access to our research and development resources.

Winners will benefit in multiple ways:

  • We will test our compound collection using our screening platforms to discover active compounds
  • Together, you and GSK will triage and interpret the data output to identify and confirm chemical probes
  • We may provide chemical structures of selected chemical probe(s) to help further your research
  • Promising results may lead to a full Discovery Partnerships for Academia collaboration to create a novel medicine

Is Discovery Fast Track right for you?

The Challenge is open to principal investigators affiliated with an institute, college or university located in a specified region. Tell us about your concept, and our expert panel of judges will evaluate your submission(s). If your proposal is chosen, a team of GSK scientists will collaborate with you on early-stage development.

Discovery Fast Track Challenges are ongoing and focused by region. Check out upcoming dates and locations for our next Challenge.

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