Discovery Partnerships with Academia (DPAc)

Your idea. Our resources.

A winning combination.

Through a DPAc partnership you will:

When a project stage is successfully completed, milestone payments will be made to recognize this achievement and support further progression to the next phase of drug discovery. When a project leads to the successful launch of a medicine, financial rewards will be shared through royalty payments. If a project fails to meet our agreed objectives at any stage, the collaboration may be terminated. In this event, commercial rights will be granted to the academic partner, thereby maintaining the opportunity for you and your associated institution to develop a medicine.

How it works.

Your team will collaborate directly with key researchers from GSK. You will provide your critical biological and disease understanding. GSK will contribute a vast range of scientific and drug discovery expertise, experience and resources.

  • Explore biological molecules and develop assays that can support finding small molecules or biopharmaceuticals against targets. Targets can be anything from enzymes, receptors, protein-protein interactions, pathways or phenotypic responses.

    MILESTONE: Screen Initiated

    Begin the execution, analysis and interpretation of assays to evaluate the activity of a collection of samples against a target, pathway or in a phenotypic screen.

  • Process that is targeted toward the generation of at least one patentable compound series that meets the requirements for progression to lead optimization. It typically encompasses the steps from the detection of initial activity (via high-throughput screening and other lead finding activities) through hit confirmation and hit-to-lead activities.

    MILESTONE Lead Identified In Vitro

    The lead series is identified using isolated biological systems in a laboratory setting.

  • Process in which the drug-like properties of an initial lead or lead series are improved. Typically, biological activity will be enhanced, in vivo efficacy will be demonstrated and compounds with a physicochemical, pharmacological and toxicological profile consistent with progression to the clinic will be identified.

    MILESTONE: Lead Identified In Vivo

    The lead series is identified using living organisms.

  • This generally involves further chemical modifications to reduce unintended effects while maintaining potency specificity for the target and optimizing the behavior of a compound in an in vivo setting.

    MILESTONE: Candidate Selection

    Preclinical studies (medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics) are performed on leads to identify a lead candidate compound. Several activities, such as pharmacology, in vivo efficacy, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, and experimental toxicology are performed on the lead candidate compound. This data package forms the basis of a candidate selection, after which the drug candidate is further subject to additional preclinical development activities. These preclinical activities provide the basis for an Investigational New Drug (IND) application to the FDA for permission to initiate clinical testing in humans.

For definitions of these and other terms, please visit our glossary.