Protecting your intellectual property

Discovery Partnerships with Academia (DPAc) collaborations are shared commitments that lead to a shared reward and investment. At all times, we aim to make you aware of the implications toward your intellectual property.

We want this to be a true collaboration, sharing ideas together, publishing on a mutually agreed schedule and sharing in financial rewards if a medicine is commercialized.

Before you submit:

  1. Ensure your initial application does not contain confidential information that may be patentable, and that GSK can use the application for informational purposes as per the Terms and Agreement.
  2. Consult with your technical transfer office (TTO) and all other necessary groups to ensure that you have your institution’s permission for us to start a review.

TTO correspondence and information.

A critical component for DPAc collaborations is the review of intellectual property rights of universities, investigators and GSK.

When an application is submitted, an institution’s TTO staff member must sign-off and waive any claims of confidentiality. It is also necessary to receive the endorsement of all appropriate persons/groups/departments at your institution, complying with the institution’s interests, internal policies, procedures and regulations.

In the absence of a TTO, the researcher submitting the proposal must acknowledge in writing the non-confidential nature of the initial application.

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