Discovery Partnerships with Academia (DPAc)

A true partnership.

Are you an academic researcher with recognized expertise? Are you interested in turning your innovative research into a medicine? Do you need expanded capabilities to make this happen? If so, DPAc may be the program for you.

DPAc is designed to provide resources to academic researchers. We are looking for projects with a specific and testable hypothesis that would deliver therapeutic benefit to patients. Your proposal can be in any disease area and based on any treatment modality, be it small molecule or biopharmaceutical. We will undertake projects starting from early screening to late lead optimization. We are open to a wide range of possibilities that have progressed beyond the exploratory and technology platform stages.

What we are looking for.

Clear therapeutic hypothesis

A coherent and supportable hypothesis that modulation of target will produce a physiological effect which will be of therapeutic benefit to particular patients.

Target and/or pathway defined

Specific drug target identified, and some understanding of type of pharmacology desired.

Exclusive enabling expertise

Academic partner has unique know-how and/or expertise essential to progress the target.


A path to identification of a drug molecule can be defined. Target knowledge suggests that a drug-like molecule can be generated and a feasible path to demonstrating efficacy in the clinic can be identified.

Your requirement for GSK contribution

GSK has relevant capabilities and expertise which can help to progress the project to the next milestone.